Principal September/October 2015: Managing Teacher Talent

Just as teachers excel when they can recognize the diverse talents and needs of their students, principals are at their best recognizing the same in teachers. This issue of Principal provides a “balanced approach” to teaching, and ensures principals maximize teacher effectiveness. Inside you’ll find tools for teacher evaluations, classroom management strategies, and how to support “teacherpreneurs” at your school.
*This year Principal magazine and Crayola teamed up once again to release another special arts-themed supplement, which includes stories from winners of the 2014-2015 Champion Creatively Alive Children grants.
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Adapt and Evolve A supportive culture of reflection guides teachers toward effective Common Core implementation. Aaron Theil
The Main Points of Teacher Evaluation To help teachers grow, principals must take on the combined role of supervisor and evaluator. John F. Eller and Sheila A. Eller
Teacherpreneurs as Agents of Reform Teacher leaders who incubate and execute ideas for school reform. Barnett Berry
Common Core Meets Uncommon Kids Finding common ground with students on the autism spectrum. Barbara Boroson
Eliminate Ping-Pong Behavior 3 classroom management strategies that inspire confidence in your teachers. Stephen E. Boyd
Unthink & Unlock Students’ Capabilities Erik Wahl paints a picture of a way of thinking that could unleash the creativity of educators and students alike.
Leadership for Tomorrow How to cultivate a mindset of innovation. Ben Gilpin and Brad Gustafson
From the Editor Got Risk? —Kaylen Tucker
Snapshots New research on teacher leadership, art-infused project ideas, hands-on leadership
Best Practice Teachers as Coaches Through Peer Observation —Catherine Beck
Practitioner’s Corner Flipping and Gaming Into the Digital Age —Christopher Fee
Raising the Bar Tear Down Invisible Teaching Walls —Stephanie Johnson and Diane Watkins
Ten to Teen A Collaborative Learning Culture —Amanda Yates and Mike Lepene
Parents & Schools Five Ways to Boost Family Engagement —Cynthia Jackson Small
The Reflective Principal School Lessons —Ayesha Farag-Davis
Principal’s Bookshelf
Excellence in Teaching and Learning: The Quantum Learning System By Barbara K. Given and Bobbi DePorter —Reviewed by Ted Murcray
Impact: How Assistant Principals Can Be High Performing Leaders By Christopher Colwell —Reviewed by Sheilah Jefferson-Isaac
It’s the Law Child Find —Perry A. Zirkel
Postscript Creating an Arts-Infused, Tech-Savvy School Culture —Gail Connelly

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