Middle-Level Education Month

Celebrating Leaders, Shaping Futures: Honoring Middle-Level Educators.

March marks a time of celebration and recognition for a vital segment of the educational community: middle-level principals and assistant principals. Middle-Level Education Month is dedicated to honoring the commitment, innovation, and leadership of middle school educators from coast to coast. These are the educators who adeptly navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of middle-level education, shaping the futures of young adolescents during their most transformative years.

This year, our theme for Middle-Level Education Month is “Celebrating Leaders, Shaping Futures: Honoring Middle-Level Educators.”

Why We Celebrate

Middle school is more than a bridge between elementary and high school—it’s also a critical juncture where students explore their identity, develop new ways of thinking, and encounter diverse social challenges. Middle-level educators are at the heart of this journey, fostering safe and engaging environments where students can excel both academically and personally.

We celebrate Middle-Level Education Month to shine a light on the remarkable efforts of these educators.

Celebrating NAESP Members

NAESP middle-level leaders are focused on educational excellence, driving forward the values of equity, integrity, and high-quality instruction. As we observe Middle-Level Education Month, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to NAESP members who embody the theme “Celebrating Leaders, Shaping Futures.”

NAESP members’ commitment to excellence is evident in the culture of their schools, the progress of their students, and the innovative solutions they bring to education’s evolving challenges.

Join the Celebration

This month, we invite you to join us in applauding the outstanding contributions of our middle-level principals and assistant principals. Use the graphics below to share what makes you proud to be a middle-level leader. Remember to use #MLEM to amplify the stories our members are sharing all month.

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