NAESP’s Reprint Policy

The editorial content of Principal and other NAESP publications is covered by copyright by the National Association of Elementary School Principals unless copyright is requested by contributing authors or organizations.Requests to reprint or reproduce, in print or online, material published in Principal or other NAESP publications must be in written form, specifying the article(s), publication date(s), usage, and number of copies to be reproduced. Each request will be reviewed on its merits and confirmed by e-mail for one-time use only.Requests for articles copyrighted by authors or organizations are subject to written approval by the copyright holders.There is no charge for reprint permission where the material is requested for nonprofit educational use, as in staff development packets, school newsletters, or school websites. There is a charge of $300 per article for permission to reprint material for commercial use.Please submit your permission request(s) to the NAESP publications department through our contact form. Reprinted material should carry the following credit: Reprinted with permission. Copyright [the-year] National Association of Elementary School Principals. All rights reserved.