Web Resources: January/February Principal 2015

Literacy and Reading

Diving In
By Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey
Help students get to the bottom of close reading and complex texts.

  • Achieve the Core is a non-profit organization established by the chief architects of the CCSS. Its website offers tools such as turnkey PD resources, CCSS-aligned lessons using readings featured in existing basals, and leadership tools for working with parents and faculty.
  • The Fisher and Frey Channel on YouTube features many video lessons of close reading in elementary classrooms, as well as other examples of quality instruction.

When Old Becomes New
Aradhana Mudambi
Bringing vocabulary instruction back into our schools.

Digital Native Does Not Equal Digital Literacy
By Ann M. Martin and Kathleen R. Roberts
By working together, principals, librarians, and teachers can transform learning environments to ensure that students achieve digital literacy.

New Arts + Literacy Standards = Opportunity
NAESP’s Gail Connelly discusses the intersection of arts-integration, college- and career-ready standards, and pre-K-3 with NAESP President Mark White and NAEA President Dennis Inhulsen.

Best Practices in Action
By H.J. Cummins
Nine principals share their successful strategies for school leadership.

Strategies for Aligning Pre-K-3
By Susan McLester
Education researchers, policymakers, and thought leaders provide insight into the principal’s role in aligning early childhood education.

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