Principal: May/June 2012: Evaluation and Measurement

Managing Multiple Measures
Charles A. DePascale
Now that we have multiple measures, are we prepared to use them?
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What We Lose in Winning the Test Score Race
Olaf Jorgenson
Value-added assessment model could be a win-win solution.

The Future of Principal Evaluation
Matthew Clifford and Steven Ross
School improvement efforts depend on fair and balanced evaluation systems that help principals hone their craft.

A Principal’s Perspective on Evaluation GuidelinesRobert L. Monson

Revamping Teacher Evaluation
Mandy Zatynski
Principals have an opportunity to expand their role as instructional leaders and improve teaching and learning.


Strengthening the Mind’s Eye
Virginia Wise Berninger
The case for continued handwriting instruction in the 21st century.

An Inclusionary Model of Support
Darren Schlepp
A Montana elementary school creates a bridge of support for students with autism.
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Understanding Autism: Books for StudentsMeredith Barnett


From the Editors
Broad and Deep


Practitioner’s Corner
Five R’s for Success
Gabriel Flores

Raising the Bar
REACH for Best Practice Instruction
Deborah K. Bryson

The Reflective Principal
Adding a Dimension of Enlightened Leadership
Kathleen Lambe

Ten to Teen
Spirit Makes a Difference
Linda L. Bleile

Jerome L. Rekart
Parents & Schools
Assessing Assessment
Customized Schooling: Beyond Whole School Reform
edited by Frederick M. Hess and Bruno V. Manno
Reviewed by Sonya Hemmen
It’s the Law
Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Legal Update
Perry A. Zirkel
Measuring What Counts
Gail Connelly
(Article available to public.)
The Common Core and You
Katey McGettrick
Principals will play a critical role in successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards.
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