Episode 20: Principals’ Professional Learning: Current Status and Future Needs

Topics: Advocacy and Legislation, Professional Development

NAESP recently teamed up with the Learning Policy Institute (LPI) to conduct a national principal study surveying 1,000 principals to learn more about their access to high-quality professional development opportunities. The report had some key findings, including that few principals had participated in authentic learning opportunities (e.g., applied learning experiences, mentors and coaches, and networking with colleagues) despite the literature affirming that these authentic, job-embedded learning opportunities are associated with positive student outcomes.

In this edition of the NAESP Advocacy Podcast, Caitlin Scott, Research Director for LPI, and Stephanie Levin, Research Manager for LPI, join to discuss the report and its implications for the principal profession going forward.

Caitlin Scott, Research Director, Learning Policy Institute
Stephanie Levin, Research Manager, Learning Policy Institute