NAESP Statement on Congressional-White House FY24 Funding Deal

NAESP commends the congressional-White House bipartisan funding deal, which includes increases to Title I and IDEA and sustained levels for other essential K-12 programs.

NAESP appreciates the modest increases provided for Title I and IDEA in FY24 as part of the bipartisan congressional-White House funding deal. We recognize the fiscal/budget constraints within which negotiators were working. That is why school leaders are also grateful that there were no funding cuts to essential K-12 programs like Title II professional development, Title III English language acquisition, Title IV well-rounded education, and 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

NAESP commends the White House and congressional negotiators, particularly Sens. Patty Murray and Susan Collins and Reps. Robert Aderholt and Rosa DeLauro, for their support and leadership.