NAESP Statement on the Cuts to K-12 Education Funding for FY25 Approved by the House Appropriations Committee Today

NAESP denounces the move to severely cut funding for programs that are critical for schools.

“It is hard to imagine Congress cutting funding for our most in-need students by 25 percent or entirely eliminating the funding which enhances the effectiveness of school leaders and educators, but that is what the House Appropriations Committee did today on a party-line vote” said NAESP Executive Director Dr. L. Earl Franks, CAE. “Providing support for our nation’s students, educators, and school leaders should enjoy broad and bipartisan approval in Washington just like it does back in our local communities. Instead, this committee passed a spending plan to eliminate every single educator training program. We will continue to make the case to every House member of the need for maintaining federal K-12 funding for our students and schools at existing levels, and not punishing them with drastically less as this bill currently does.”