Center for Innovative Leadership™

The Center for Innovative Leadership®, created to improve and expand the support of principals as 21st century leaders in achieving the highest results for children, families and communities, has the focus and strategic design to help principals and learning communities achieve optimal results for every child.Principals face many challenges in leading for the 21st century. Transformation in schools, school systems, and communities in the United States and around the world have greatly expanded the leadership role of principals.

The primary purpose of The Center for Innovative Leadership is to disseminate transformative practices and strategies that will serve as a catalyst for creating a lasting foundation for principal learning, driving school and student performance, and shaping the long-term impact of school improvement efforts.

CIL Video Podcast

The first of its kind, The Center for Innovative Leadership Video Podcast focuses on the challenges, successes, and innovations of an everyday principal. Join Hamish Brewer and Andy Jacks as they chat with school leaders from across the country about the outstanding and innovative work they are doing.

Latest Episode:

In their second principal interview for the NAESP Center for Innovative Leadership, Andy Jacks and Hamish Brewer talk with Minnesota principal Curtis Slater about innovative strategies to lead change through the messages the school sends to students and the community and to redesign learning spaces. Read more

Previous Episodes

  • What’s In Your Trophy Case? Students!
    In their first principal interview for the Center for Innovative Leadership, Andy Jacks and Hamish Brewer talk innovative strategies to create a welcoming school climate with California principal Jessica Gomez. Read more | Watch now


Hamish Brewer

Principal, Fred M. Lynn Middle School

Woodbridge, VA

Andy Jacks

Principal, Ashland Elementary School

Manassas, VA