Uniting Leaders

What to expect at this year's premiere event for school leadership.

Topics: Professional Development, Professional Learning

This July in Nashville, NAESP is excited to be hosting its annual conference jointly with the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) for UNITED: The National Conference on School Leadership. Host Andy Jacks is joined by NAESP President-Elect Kevin Armstrong and Associate Executive Director of Professional Learning Gracie Branch, to discuss what to expect and how school leaders and educators from all grade levels can learn and grow this summer.

Kevin Armstrong, Ed.D. is principal of DuPont Hadley Middle School in Old Hickory, Tennessee, and president-elect of NAESP.

Gracie Branch, Ph.D., is associate executive director of professional learning at NAESP.

Andy Jacks, Ed.D. is principal at The Nokesville School in Nokesville, Virginia, and senior fellow at the NAESP Centers for Advancing Leadership.

Learn more and register today at theunitedconference.org.