Support For Principals During Times Of Crisis

Curated resources to help principals navigate through turbulent times, includes archive video of Principal(ing) in Place forum on Crisis Leadership.

NAESP stands in support of principals who are responsible for leading school communities and maintaining a positive school culture, even during these difficult times. Already charged with navigating the sprawling impact of COVID-19, as well as working to address systemic racism and racial equity, principals are facing enormous demands to meet students’ needs and navigate their schools through these turbulent times. Yesterday’s disturbing events at the nation’s U.S. Capitol pose another challenge for principals as they help staff and students alike process these distressing events. As always, NAESP is committed to supporting our members work through these challenges, identify teachable moments, and help their staff and students heal from this trauma.

To that end, NAESP held a special edition of the Principal(ing) in Place forum to provide members the opportunity to connect with one another, help process these events, and share ideas and strategies for moving forward. You can watch the recording below:

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