Time Management

Session notes from "Time Management: Total Control & Peace of Mind," presented by Frank Buck.

When using a digital filing and task system, program should have the ability to:

  • Sort by due date and assign priority
  • Repeating tasks
  • Note section in each task
  • Searchable
  • Communicate with email
  • Sync across all devices
  • Voice input

What were the speaker’s best quotes?

  • Having a system of organization allows for more thoughtful actions.
  • Digital problems require digital solutions.

What were the top ideas from the session?

  1. Have an “in,” “out,” and “pending” box or basket to organize your day and keep focused on the day.
  2. Make digital task list detailed enough to make the task easy to start.
  3. When you consolidate all of your tasks in one place, you become more efficient and able to delegate appropriately.
  4. ETR – Expect to receive notation on task list for tasks or items other people owe me.
  5. Write out my “Fab 5”. If I am only going to get 5 things done today, these are the most important.

What are resources you will check out?

Notes by Christopher Bailey, Clack Middle School, Abilene, Texas.