Digital Overwhelm: From Overload to In Control

Session notes from “Digital Overwhelm: From Overload to In Control,” presented by Frank Buck.

What was the speaker’s main message?

The main message for this top was getting control of your digital world. The topics presented by Buck showed principals how to use technology to help us work smarter, not harder.

What was the speaker’s best quote?

“Life doesn’t have to be as hard as we sometimes make it. Let’s harness technology and make it work for us.”

What were the top 5 ideas from the session?

  1. Set up a “fingertip file” in Google Drive for quick access to frequently used documents
  2. Use Evernote to make notes on people you meet.
  3. Organize a digital task list.
  4. Use the app “Remember the Milk” to add tasks and reminders.
  5. Organize your “Shared with me” section of Google Drive. It can be done!

What is one strategy that will help you with instructional leadership?

In Evernote, I plan on making notes and using it for observations. I can take pictures, use voice record memo feature, and save everything to one note. I can also share with my admin team and back to the teachers.

What is one idea that you want to learn more about?  

I would like to explore setting up a “Monthly Tickler System” in my Google Drive. Buck described this system as a way to refer back to documents that are used often and during certain times of the year.

What are three resources you will check out?

  1. Access Buck’s presentation.
  2. Download Evernote app.
  3. Join Buck’s weekly email list.

I can’t wait to tell my teachers about this idea: 

Teachers can use Evernote to make and store notes on every student in their class. These notes can be archived from year to year and shared digitally with a link.

Notes by Matt Scott, Creekside Primary, Harvest, Alabama