Unlocking Autism

The rate of children born with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has risen to 1 in 88, up from 1 in 110. As a result of the increase, schools are enrolling more students with ASD, and many principals and teachers feel inadequately prepared to provide an effective and inclusive education to these students. These resources, including the Unlocking Autism series from Principal magazine in 2011-12, are designed to help supply you with tools and information to meet the special needs of this student population.

NAESP Resources for Principals

  • Finding a Voice by Shannon Stuart
    Inexpensive mobile technology is helping students with autism spectrum disorder to communicate and learn.

General Resources

  • Autism Speaks
    Provides a listing of family services, including information for parents about diagnosis and early intervention.
  • Autism Society
    Reports the latest information on treatment, education, research, and advocacy.
  • National Autism Center
    Offers reliable information and best practices for educating students with autism and offers comprehensive resources for families, practitioners, and communities.
  • Educating Children With Autism
    This book, from the National Academy of Sciences’ Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, covers effects and features of educational interventions for young children with autism and is available online.
  • Association for Positive Behavior Supports
    Describes how positive behavior support is being implemented in different communities and includes information about developmental disabilities and emotional and behavioral disorders.
  • Idea Partnership ASD Collection
    A comprehensive collection of materials and resources to promote understanding of ASD, including supports and interventions, programming, and a resource guide.