Kimbrelle Barbosa Lewis, Ph.D.

Kimbrelle Barbosa Lewis

Kimbrelle Barbosa Lewis

NAESP President



A school administrator for more than 14 years, Tennessee principal Kimbrelle Barbosa Lewis recognizes the importance of leadership diversity in meeting student needs and supporting teachers and leaders. Because of this outlook, she has dedicated her career to her school community and to helping her peers in education. Barbosa Lewis takes on her latest leadership role of NAESP president starting Aug. 1, 2020.

“As a principal and mother of three, my hope is in our children. The students of today are the world leaders of tomorrow. As educators, it is our role to get them there and for them to exceed far beyond what we have achieved,” says Barbosa Lewis, longtime principal of Cordova Elementary School in Tennessee. “As NAESP president, I will help principals work to equip teachers and other leaders to challenge students as they share in accountability for student learning, development and fulfillment. My goals is to be able to help all principals know how to analyze what is best for their students and be empowered to do it.”

Barbosa Lewis believes we are facing unprecedented times in which school leaders play a pivotal role.

“Our communities, schools and students are living with social injustice and a global pandemic,” she says. “There are many unknown factors for which principals are making advanced decisions. Both science and our heart for children are involved. More than ever, we must stay informed and band together to develop realistically safe environments for our students that nurture their academic and emotional well-being.”

NAESP has created two task forces—the NAESP National Coronavirus Task Force and the NAESP National Task Force on Race and Equity—to collaborate with principals nationwide to address these issues head-on. Barbosa Lewis chairs the NAESP National Task Force on Race and Equity.

A member of NAESP for 14 years, Barbosa Lewis has long been a volunteer leader with the association. She served as director at large, minority level, from 2015-18 and chair of NAESP’s Diversity Task Force.

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