Valley Ranch Elementary School

Irving, Texas

Principal: Cynthia Arterbery
Advisors: Janet Nelson, Kimberly Cash
Student Council Officers: 5


“Body and Soul Homeless Program Warm Clothing Donation Drive”

Winters are sometimes very cold in North Texas. Our Student Lighthouse Team was concerned about homeless people who may not have enough warm clothes and socks to wear when it is very cold during the winter. Our team was made aware of the Body and Soul Homeless Program in downtown Dallas. We collected warm clothing items to be delivered to their program before the coldest weather set in.

“SEL Family Night”

To share our knowledge of the 7 Habits with our families, the Student Lighthouse Team planned and carried out an evening at the school when VRE families could get together, learn about the 7 Habits and have fun at the same time. This event provided time for family members to understand each other’s emotions and how to manage them. All activities centered around combining the 7 Habits with Social and Emotional Learning. These are some of the activities that students did with their families:

  • Zones of Regulation – Understanding emotions and ways to communicate them. Seek First to Understand Then Be Understood (Habit 5)
  • Using Breathing to Create Calm – Learners will teach their families how the breath is done and how it helps us. Be Proactive (Habit 1)
  • Board Games – Families can play a game together. Think Win-Win (Habit 4)
  • Reading Station – Books about emotions will be available to read with each other. Sharpen the Saw (Habit 7)
  • 7 Habits Chat cards -Discussion questions and sentence starters that families can use together. Begin With the End in Mind (Habit 2)
  • Create a Family Crest or Write a Family Mission Statement -Include values that are important to your family. Decorate it together. Put First Things First (Habit 3)