Todd Boucher

When Dr. Todd Boucher took over as principal of Popp’s Ferry Elementary School five years ago, the K-4 school had not yet achieved its full potential. In this short time, Boucher has led his school toward significant gains in student achievement, lifting its state accountability rating from a “C” to an “A” in just two academic years and resolving its status as a “school of focus” for the Office of School Improvement. At the center of this impressive academic turnaround was a palpable shift in culture that colleagues and parents fully credit to Boucher, who finds satisfaction in having instilled a sense of school pride that was previously lacking in students, teachers, and staff. As a leader, Boucher ensures that instruction is fully aligned with established achievement goals by balancing high expectations with a commitment to provide the individualized attention needed to accomplish the mission. With a community-oriented approach, Boucher extends this commitment to students by championing data-based instruction; to teachers through focused mentorship; and to Biloxi at large through programming that reinforces the integral role of family and community in shaping student development and fostering academic achievement. Boucher holds a B.S. in History Education from Alcorn State University, an M.Ed. in Secondary Education from William Carey College, and an Ed.S. and Ph.D. in Educational Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi.