Tobey Cho Bassoff

In her seven years at Ryan Elementary, Principal Tobey Bassoff has pioneered the
implementation of the school’s STEAM focus while working rigorously to increase achievement
for all students. In 2016, the school’s achievement rating was elevated from “satisfactory” to
“outstanding,” thanks largely to Bassoff’s effective leadership, which is anchored by a deep
commitment to collaborative problem-solving and her ambitious, strategic approach to
community partnerships. Bassoff has a hands-on approach to professional development,
modeling and encouraging strategies of her teachers that have led to effective data monitoring
and a deepened culture of collaboration. Early in her tenure, Bassoff cultivated a partnership with
a local church to meet a variety of timely needs. Today, the organization known as Friends of
Ryan is a network of over 100 volunteers who receive training to provide integral academic
support to students in the form of 1:1 literacy intervention, mentorship, facilitated workshops,
and enrichment activities. She has also proactively sought growth opportunities in corporate
partnerships and grant development, strategies that have supported innovative technology and
environmental education initiatives, including the introduction of 1:1 devices and interactive
whiteboards, the construction of a teaching and learning garden, and an impressive $2.3 million
grant focused on outdoor education. Principal Bassoff holds a B.A. from the University of
Colorado at Boulder, an M.A. from the University of Columbia, and Type D administrative
licensure from Colorado State University in Fort Collins.