Kristina L. Miller

Howe Elementary School
Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Since assuming the principalship at Howe Elementary five years ago, Tina Miller has emphasized the importance of social-emotional learning as well as academic learning. Miller embraces a servant leader mindset and leads through creating shared leadership opportunities, including monthly goal-setting and progress-monitoring meetings with stakeholders and teacher-leaders from each grade level, and ensuring engagement in a culture of continuous learning for all. Over the past year, the teaching team’s focus has been on math, led by the Math Learn and Lead team. Initial data show significant increases on STAR Math scores for second to fourth graders. Miller addressed data showing Howe was below average on the district’s literacy benchmark by partnering with the Boys and Girls Club to bring in trained tutors and a highly structured lesson plan to support early literacy and close achievement gaps. She worked hard to shift the school’s behaviorist mindset to one informed by best practices from Responsive Classroom, Conscious Discipline, and PBIS, and she counts the success of this approach as one of her most significant achievements. Miller describes the current schoolwide attitude as one that values intrinsic motivation and where students do the right thing because it is the right thing. Miller holds a B.A. in Education from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, an M.A. in Education from University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, and an Administration Certificate from Viterbo University.