Timothy Carnahan

Timothy Carnahan is founding principal of Waccamaw Intermediate School, and in his decade-long tenure he has cultivated a supportive environment in which teachers do not aim to create students in their image, “but develop students who can create their own image.” By supporting this vision with a variety of programs to focus and enrich the curriculum, Carnahan has guided Waccamaw to recognition as a Palmetto Gold School and, most recently, as a National Blue Ribbon School—the second time in his career that Carnahan was recognized for closing the achievement gap. This accomplishment was facilitated largely by Carnahan’s restructuring of ELA instruction to integrate reading, writing, and research activities across content areas. This interdisciplinary approach was paired with individualized instruction to target progress goals, with positive results across grades three through five. Carnahan has also partnered with the district to integrate technology into the curriculum, including through a 1:1 device initiative and an after-school Robotics Club, as well as with community and parents to create cultural offerings to strengthen the school’s connection to its local context. For example, Carnahan initiated a Lunch on the Lawn visitor series to highlight local history and lore, and supported an award-winning PTO event featuring a recycled fashion show. Carnahan holds a B.S. from Kent State University, a Master’s from the Citadel, and a doctorate from Nova Southeastern University.