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Teague Elementary School

Pasadena, Texas

Principal: Solmaria Benavides
Advisors: Stephanie Peterson, Amy Campos
Student Council Officers: 6


“Storybook Character Pumpkins and Spare Change Drive”

Classes and individual students decorated a fake pumpkin to look like a book character. The pumpkins and books were then displayed on the cafeteria stage for two weeks while kids voted for their favorite pumpkins using spare change. After the drive was over, we brought the books and money we raised to Project Joy and Hope (a local charity house). The books were placed in their house library and the money was put towards any house needs.            

The goals of the project were to get students to think about literacy and helping others. By donating a pumpkin and book, students can learn about a certain book character and give away their hard work to those less fortunate.

“Tiger Spirit Awards”

Every Thursday, spirit slips are placed in teacher’s boxes to be filled out the next morning. On Friday, each class counts the number of students wearing a school spirit shirt and writes that number on a piece of paper along with the total number of students present in class that day. Student council representatives pick up the slips from each classroom and figure out the percentage of students wearing shirts in each class. The two classes with the highest percentage win the spirit stick for that week. The student council officers then go and announce the winners for each category (K-2 and 3-4), using a script they create, over the loudspeaker and deliver the spirit tigers to the winning classrooms. Spirit shirts are considered school shirts, and any sponsored day throughout the year. For example: Go Texan Day, College Week, Sports Days, Dr. Seuss Day, Red Ribbon Week, etc.