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Tea Area Legacy Elementary School

Tea, South Dakota

Principal: Samantha Walder
Advisor: Laura McCord
Student Council Officers: 4


“Random Acts of Kindness”

This community service project was to spread kindness not only within the walls of our elementary school, but within our community as well. The objective of the project was to create a sense of community and make a positive impact in our world. We wanted all students in the school to be involved where they could spread kindness at school, extracurricular activities and at home.

The project was designed around a gumball theme. A handout went home with all students explaining the project along with a list of kindness examples to help give them ideas. Grades 3-5 had a list of kindness examples and JK-2 had a choice board of examples they could choose from. Students were to do any type of kindness act at home or at school and write their name and the kind acts on their gumball. Each student was given six circles (gumballs) to take home to complete their challenge. Each grade was assigned their own color. When students brought in their gumball, student council member would add it to the gumball machine that was displayed on the lunchroom wall. If the school could bring in 1000 gumballs in two weeks, the student council would host a school-wide popcorn party.

“Kindness Door Decorating”

Our school typically does some sort of door decorating contest and it is typically surrounding the same theme. This year, the Student Council wanted to do something different and do a valentine’s/kindness door decorating contest during the month of February as it is National Kindness Month. Once each door was completed, Student Council members went around through the entire school and took pictures of them. Pictures were then posted on our school’s Facebook page with instructions on how to vote for their favorite door. Families, friends and supporters of our school and community were then given one week to go through the pictures online and vote by liking their favorite door.