TJ Ebert

When Redwood Elementary was admitted to the Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators’ Hall of Fame, the award acknowledged the school’s proud student body, committed staff, and highly involved parents, but underscored that none would be possible without the tireless leadership of Principal T.J. Ebert. According to OAESA, “every stockholder has a story about how his leadership makes the school a better place,” and those stories have been told since he first became principal seven years ago. With a background as a coach, Ebert’s leadership is hands-on and mentorship-oriented. While unafraid to make bold structural changes, his purpose is always to build leadership in others. For example, he spearheaded a redesign of the master schedule to secure common planning time and then immediately took on the role of instructional coach to support teacher-led discussions on how to leverage resources and plan lessons to meet common core standards. The most tenured principal in his district, Ebert has formally mentored five new administrators while also providing sustained counsel to his peers and oversight of the district’s teacher training program. Ebert is active in local athletics and prides himself on balancing a full professional life with an active life as a father of three young children. He holds a B.A. in Education from Kent State University, an M.A. in Educational Administration from Cleveland State University, and Superintendent Licensure from Ashland University.