Susan G. Longmire

Susan Longmire served as teacher and assistant principal before becoming principal of St. James Lutheran School eleven years ago. With an emphasis on integrated technology, Longmire collaborated on a parochial partnership with Sacred Heart Catholic School for a grant resulting in $150,000 to improve technology and fund professional development. This collaboration benefitted both schools and set a positive example for the community. Longmire’s leadership has changed the way teachers teach and students learn, with St. James classrooms now equipped with smart boards, document cameras, projectors, Chromebooks, and Nexus tablets, all maximized by a more robust wireless network. Longmire teaches a section of eighth grade math utilizing this technology to model 21st Century teaching and learning. After three years of Longmire’s dedicated efforts, St. James was selected to participate in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. This program provides funds to help the school become increasingly self-sufficient, allowing for the establishment of the St. James Endowment Fund, Adopt-a-Student Program, and Education Fund to support families in need of financial assistance. Longmire was named a Wisconsin Council of Religious & Independent Schools Principal of Distinction in 2007 and received the Herb Kohl Excellence in Leadership Award and a nomination to serve on the LCMS Board of Directors in 2016. She holds an Associate degree from St. Paul’s College, a B.A. from Concordia University, Chicago, and a Master’s in Education from Concordia University, Nebraska.