Stephanie Worthey

Stephanie Worthey serves as principal of Greenbrier Springhill Elementary, a small-town school in Greenbrier, Arkansas. In her six years as principal, she has worked diligently to revolutionize the school’s RTI system, increase student attendance and sense of belonging, and scale her successes to have the broadest impact possible. After identifying gaps in Springhill’s intervention practices, Worthey engaged her leadership team to develop a plan to overhaul intervention and enrichment practices by researching existing differentiation models and reorganizing instruction based on each teacher’s strengths as an instructor. The program’s overwhelmingly positive impact earned it recognition in 2015-2016 as the Literary Association’s Exemplary Reading Program. Principal Worthey has since helped replicate the model at all elementary schools throughout the district, and she is currently consulting with other districts to develop their own programs. This success is due in large part to Worthey’s transparent and collaborative leadership style; by walking the walk of the growth mindset, she models humility and active learning, inspiring all stakeholders to grow into leadership. Worthey credits much of her development as a leader to her participation in the Arkansas Leadership Academy’s Master Principal Program, of which she has completed phases 1-3. She holds a B.S. in Education from the University of Central Arkansas, a M.Ed. degree from Arkansas Technical University, and a Specialist in Education degree from Arkansas State University