Stacey L. Sylvester

Skyview Elementary School
Morgantown, West Virginia

Best Practices

1) Relationships, Relationships, Relationships! School leaders are instrumental in fostering healthy relationships not only for their staff but for students who walk through the doors each day. Often students come to school without connections and we are the only positive influences they will have. I foster relationships by building a shared purpose at Skyview Elementary School. Relationships serve as a best practice for any Administrator and should be at the top of the list of priorities. Being visible and involved within the classroom setting is key for the success of the students, staff. and morale of the school community. This in turn allows for achievement with developing and monitoring the improvement of the school. Teachers also like to feel heard. Their voice is powerful and by having an open mind and listening ear, growth occurs in relationship as a school leader. The outcome then leads to building more leaders. At Skyview Elementary we are known as one big family who collaborate to meet the needs of all students. support each other and build each other up. This is because the focus is and will continue to be on building relationships.

2) Instructional Leadership. My previous experiences as an Academic Coach has aided in the success for me as an instructional leader. Having an established vision and expectations for all teachers leads to the success of the school’s academic and social/emotional growth. At Skyview Elementary School we have weekly Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) that are balanced around the vision of the school. The foundation and discussion at each PLC are centered around DuFour’s questions that could guide our work: What do we want our students to learn? How will we know they have learned it? How will we respond when a student experiences difficultly? How will we respond when a student already knows it? From these questions we are able to discuss the rigor, relevance and relationships as it pertains to the growth of our students. staff and school. As an Assistant Principal, I lead the development of the school-wide programs. I have and continue to work at the District level to support, coach and mentor newly hired Assistant Principals on being successful instructional leaders. I chair advisory committees for the department of special education in the district to move the special education teachers and students forward by supporting their instructional effectiveness through use of strategies. professional development opportunities and countywide PLCs. Instructional leadership is instrumental in the success of the teachers, staff, and students.