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Sparks Elementary School

Pasadena, Texas

Principal: Erica Kirk
Advisors: Dana Babineaux, Shari Morgan
Student Council Officers: 4


“Kindness Matters”

Throughout the month of February, we did small kindness projects. Student Council members and officers made kindness posters to hang throughout the school. They also made Valentine-Gram posters to advertise. Student Council members helped put together the Valentine-Grams and delivered the bags to each classroom. We also purchased kindness bookmarks, pencils, stickers, and bracelets and had members deliver them to each classroom. The objective of this project was to promote kindness at our school and create a caring, emotionally safe environment.

“Pennies for Pets”

A Student Council tradition is to collect money for the Pasadena Animal Shelter. We motivated the students by having “Penny Wars.” Teams were created and assigned a team name, Clifford, Snoopy, and Scooby Doo. The team that collected the most pennies was awarded a pizza party. The object of the project was to raise money for the local animal shelter and bring awareness to animals in our community that are in need. Another objective for this project was to teach compassion for animals that do not have homes.