Shelly Larochelle

Shelly Larochelle has been an important influence at Northwest Elementary School for over two decades as a teacher, assistant principal, and now principal for the past eight years. As one colleague describes, “From the beginning of her career, she has stood out as exceptional in the classroom and as a progressive, innovative, and inspiring role model and instructional leader.” Northwest is Manchester’s largest elementary school, a Title 1 program that is academic home to many English language learners, and yet it is one of the most successful, sought-after elementary schools in the region due to Larochelle’s leadership. By maximizing her time in the classroom, she provides ongoing feedback that improves teacher practice and directly impacts student learning. This feedback fosters motivation and inspires action as she promotes a culture of optimism and cultivates a positive learning environment. Under Larochelle’s guidance, Northwest has begun implementing the Literacy Collaborative Model in grades K-2 and maintains a constant focus on student growth and the development of a professional learning community mindset. She has collaborated with the community by organizing parent meetings for school families in a local housing development and successfully lobbying to bring AmeriCorps City Year to Northwest. She was named the NAESP New Hampshire Principal of the Year for 2016 and holds a B.A. and a B.S. from Plymouth State University, and a Master’s in Education from Lesley College.