Shelley S. Slick-Hummon

Pueblo Elementary School
Scottsdale Unified School District
Scottsdale, Arizona

Shelley Slick-Hummon sees principals as knowledge and data managers accountable for student, adult, and school performance. In her nine-year leadership career, Slick-Hummon has taken this mandate to heart while stewarding change and strengthening educational outcomes at three different schools. As principal of Supai Elementary School, Slick-Hummon earned induction into the Scottsdale Foundation’s Hall of Fame for rebuilding the school’s fine arts program, efforts that increased student engagement and performance beyond the arts. She later led a merger between the school and one of its contributing elementary schools. Taking a hands-on, collaborative approach to the process, Slick-Hummon worked with stakeholders to shape the new school’s learning environment design and support students, staff, and families through the transition. As principal of Pueblo Elementary, Slick-Hummon has parlayed these successes into effective turnaround leadership, guiding the school through an academic transformation while preserving its co-teaching model rooted in biliteracy and multiculturalism. Although a Spanish speaker, Slick-Hummon took on the post with no formal experience in dual language environments as the fourth principal in just eight years. Only three years later, and in spite of the pandemic, Pueblo earned A+ distinction from the Arizona Educational Foundation. Slick-Hummon is an adjunct faculty at the Scottsdale Community College and is a doctoral candidate at the University of Arizona. She holds an M.A.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University and an M.A.Ed. in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix.