Seth Daub

Since taking leadership at Catalina Elementary School two and a half years ago, Principal Seth Daub has demonstrated the impact of deliberate, respectful, and appropriately phased turnaround leadership for underperforming schools. Working to build trust with teachers and families, Daub has guided Catalina toward academic growth by implementing progressive changes with students’ best interests in mind. As a result, Catalina has improved performance on state assessments by 20 points in 2017 and a remarkable 63 points in 2018. One teacher describes Daub as a “tireless visionary,” a quality which is evident in his professional commitment to self-reflection. Daub has also worked diligently to deepen school-community rapport, recognizing that strong relationships can help break down achievement barriers in a high-poverty school with a significant ELL population. Due to his efforts to bridge barriers to school participation, Catalina’s dramatic shift in achievement has been accompanied by a cultural shift toward increased family involvement and a spirit of shared goals and shared celebration. Recognizing the assets of students, teachers, and staff has, in turn, improved student behavior and helped Daub retain a team of skilled and effective teachers. Daub is president of the Florida Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals (FAEMSP) and past-president of the Orange County Association of School Administrators. He is also an active mentor in multiple programs for pre-service teachers. He holds B.A. and M.Ed. degrees from the University of Central Florida.