Sabrina A. Antonelli

Norwood Elementary School
Warwick Public Schools
Warwick, Rhode Island

With experience as a math teacher, a department head, and an instructional coach, Sabrina Antonelli was well-prepared to take on the role of building-wide instructional leader when she became a principal seven years ago. Now principal of Norwood Elementary School since 2018, Antonelli is well-versed in the art of delivering compassionate, actionable feedback and helping struggling teachers find their way back to their purpose as educators. These talents permeate her approach to continuous professional development, which includes in-class coaching, modeling, training, and administrative classroom coverage to facilitate peer learning. Quality guidance and support also drives Antonelli’s approach to distributed leadership, as she aims to empower the strengths of others by providing the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to improve practice and reach collective school goals. The fruits of this labor include a data-literate professional culture that seeks to expand learning opportunities for all students and bring families into the learning process in meaningful ways, including through initiatives like themed STEM, Literacy, and Math nights. Attuned to the broader social, emotional, and material needs that shape academic outcomes, Antonelli is committed to meeting the basic needs of the school’s population through accessible, volunteer-driven food and health access programs. She holds an Ed.D. from Johnson and Wales University, an M.A. from Brown University, and a B.A. from Rhode Island College.