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Ruby Young PSTEAM Academy

DeSoto, Texas

Principal: Monica Smith
Advisors: Latoya Williams, Carlesha West
Student Council Officers: 6


“Project Serve”

“Project Serve” is a project that provides a tangible needed service to the lower grades where reading is critical.  Student Council Members wanted to do something to support Kindergarten through 3rd grade teachers so they voted to give up one day a week of recess for the project.  Each Council Member was assigned a time and day of the week to read to the students or with the students that were early readers.  They are responsible for creating the matrix to make sure all student council members participated and classes are served.  Once the project is up and running, they are responsible for going to the class on their assigned day reading and engaging them to properly answer questions pertaining to the story. They are worked with students on making good decisions and speaking to each other in a respectful way.            


While researching needs in our community, student council members discovered that socks were the least donated item in homeless shelters and nursing homes. The student council members decided to organize a campus sock drive using the theme “Socktober”. Since the local Deer Creek Senior Living Center was less than 1 mile from the campus, they agreed that this would be a great place to start. Student council mentors then contacted the local Deer Creek Senior Living Center to schedule a date for delivery and sock presentation. The student council members begin by creating a campus flyer explaining the details and purpose of the sock drive. This flyer was sent to all students from kindergarten through 8th grade. They also decorated boxes to place at the front entrance for parents and guests, as well as a box for each grade level hallway. The collection lasted from October 1-31. Before going to the center, members discussed proper etiquette when visiting, the possibility of experiencing patients in states they had not seen before (patients with mental disorders, unpleasant odors, breathing machines, amputees etc), and how to mask their discomfort while remaining respectful. The students decided that handing out socks wasn’t enough. They needed it to be more personable. Each student decorated and wrote a special message on a bag stuffed with socks for every resident at the center. On November 9th, the student council members met at the Deer Creek Senior Living Center to present the personalized socks. The patients were overjoyed with the visit from the student council members.

“DHS Homecoming”

This year’s homecoming theme, “A Different World,” will pay homage to the 90s-themed sitcom which follows a group of college students through their higher ed experiences. A nod to the district’s focus on college, career, and military readiness, the theme embodies the excellence and engagement in the district inclusive of all stakeholders including students, families, alumni, and community members who are invited to join in the fun and festivities and showcase their Eagle spirit through the Triple-A Experience of Academics, Arts and Athletics. The annual DeSoto ISD Homecoming week is a demonstration of community spirit. This year’s parade will culminate in a community carnival set to take place at the DeSoto High School Multipurpose Center. The DeSoto ISD school community is invited to take part in and attend this year’s parade and carnival on October 11, 2023.

“Good Morning, Eagles!”

Student council leaders are in charge of conducting daily morning announcements. They have a script to follow but also incorporate their personalities to make the announcements engaging and exciting for students. The model is similar to a radio show or podcast. The students are more tuned in and listen when they hear familiar voices. The student leaders incorporate things like “SAT Word of Day”, “Historical Figure of the Day” (depending on the month we are celebrating), “Quote of the Day”, “Shout Outs” and to add a little fun, they even add “Joke of the Day” and academic trivia questing. The students also announce student birthdays daily and invite them to the office to receive a special gift or treat. The student leaders came up with the idea when they realized morning announcements were boring with the office personnel did them. The students were not paying attention and often times missed important information. As a result, students began to look forward to the announcements, especially the academic trivia.