Ronald J. Sanborn

Sgt. Charles J. Jaworek Elementary School
Marlborough Public Schools
Marlborough, Massachusetts

Principal Ronald Sanborn prides himself in being a leader who can build the capacity of those he supervises to maximize their potential and impact on students. In his seven years at Sgt. Charles J. Jaworek Elementary School, he has built a positive, energetic school culture through an intentional, highly personalized approach to professional development that empowers and encourages staff to take risks, build new skills, foster collaboration, and most importantly, reconnect with their sense of purpose as educators. This asset-based approach has resulted in a trusting professional environment and a sense of shared responsibility for academic and social outcomes across the school. In turn, this vibrant professional culture has allowed Sanborn to shift the mindset of his team about how to interpret data in instruction, take a prosocial approach to behavioral intervention and reinforcement, and apply an equity lens to all aspects of classroom and school management. Sanborn has also taken steps to strengthen school-family relationships, including restructuring family engagement events to increase participation by preventing child care conflicts and ensuring content is adequately interpreted for family members who do not speak English. Colleagues describe Sanborn as a humble, self-reflective leader who is unafraid to challenge the status quo. He holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees from Framingham State College, where he currently serves on the Professional Standards Committee.