Ronald D. Poland Jr.

Rose Warren Elementary School
Las Vegas, Nevada

Best Practices

1) As an assistant principal, I have learned to be visible and to focus on the strengths in others. As a school leader, I attend after school events that supported the school community. For example, I have supported family nights that focused on instructional practices and community engagement opportunities such as fundraisers at the neighborhood, Applebees. Using our community partners as a resource and building trustworthy relationships. The majority of my schools population are Hispanic/ Latino families. I communicate with our schools community in Spanish as best as possibly can. The students and their parents have seen my productive struggle in learning and in speaking in Spanish. The families embrace it and appreciate my efforts in communicating to them in Spanish. I also help the students and the parents with learning and speaking in English. The families see that I am a man of my word and that care about their families. Students, parents, teachers, and staff must continue to see their administrator as a partner in education. It is with me, as a school leader, that I model those expectancies daily. As a result, students are excited about learning and so are their parents. It is building that trust with all stakeholders that continues to have success for all

2) As a school leader, I believe it is important to cultivate leadership in others. To be a leader you have to see the leadership in others. I conceive it is essential to be able to provide multiple opportunities in others to let them demonstrate their leadership potential. As an assistant principal or any leader, we know that it is difficult to let go of certain items. It goes back to building trust in yourself and within others in order to be effective. I have learned in order to be effective; I have to be a good listener. You must listen to and get all of the information before making a decision. I believe in success potential for all and in the continued development of teacher leaders. I have a keen eye for recognizing leaders. I have always said, The experts are among us.I communicated that belief frequently within the schools that I worked and especially with my school team at Rose Warren Elementary School. With having this belief, it has broadened my leadership experiences as I have set the tone for high expectations in others. It is through leading by example and being the coachfor others that I can bring that out the best in future leaders. I have seen our future leaders thrive and shine when given the opportunity to lead. I am fortunate to have leaders who allowed that for me and now I am able to return the opportunity in others.