Robyn Cook

Robyn Cook taught high school science in Cloudcroft, New Mexico for 20 years before taking over as principal of Cloudcroft Elementary and Middle School in 2012. As an administrator, Cook is devoted to providing the programs, support, and technology needed to increase the academic and professional rigor of her schools, efforts which one parent says allows Cloudcroft to “transcend the remoteness of a rural school and broaden each student’s academic universe.” In her short tenure, Cook has worked to broaden the impact of existing programs while implementing new initiatives that cultivate student ownership over their learning and behavior. For example, Cloudcroft now follows the Leader in Me program, and has replaced Honor Roll assemblies with student-led “On A Roll” assemblies that recognize the growth and achievement of all students. Cook has also helped teachers hone their instruction and assessment skills through focused professional development, including weekly individual meetings and resources for technology integration. The results have included tremendous growth in student achievement and a strengthened school culture. In 2016, both schools received an “A” from the state of New Mexico, and the Middle School received the high honor of being named a Blue Ribbon School for its success at closing the achievement gap. Cook is a participating mentor in the Principals Pursuing Excellence program. She holds a B.A. in Education and an M.A. in Administration from New Mexico State University.