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Pleasantdale Elementary School

LaGrange, Illinois

Principal: Kathleen Tomei
Advisors: Karen Tokarczyk, Tracy VanZandbergen
Student Council Officers: 54


“SCARCE Collection”

The student council is partnering with SCARCE in Addison IL. to recycle used and broken crayons, markers, and glue sticks. SCARCE will repurpose the crayons and good markers to any teacher who needs these for their classroom and will be able to recycle dry makers and glue stick containers through TerraCycle. Student Council promoted the up cycling and and recycling of items that would normally be discarded from classroom floors so they can be repurposed. Not only can certain items be used to their fullest potential, but this contributes to lessening the amount of waste in landfills, saving money, and providing resources for others.

“Random Acts of Kindness Week”

The Student Council supported the Random Acts of Kindness Organization by participating in a week filled with activities that support families, students, and our community. The entire week of February 11th to February 17th, the Student Council hosted a winter drive . We collected hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves to be donated to the People’s Resource Center in Westmont, IL. Other activities during the week included mailing kindness notes through our internal Pleasantdale Post Office, holding the door open for someone, giving compliments, sitting with a new friend at lunch, offering to help with a chore at home, and taking time to play a board game with a family member. As a surprise to the students, the Student Council purchased small stress hearts and asked the teachers to pass them out when they noticed a student being kind.