Patricia Cousineau

Patricia A. Cousineau

Warwick Neck School
Warwick School District
Warwick, Rhode Island

Before becoming principal of Warwick Neck School (WNS) in 2011, Patricia Cousineau served Warwick School District as an elementary teacher at Lippitt School for 23 years. Throughout her leadership, Cousineau has continuously positioned herself as lead learner, and her commitment to modeling constant growth has deeply impacted how the WNS community comes together to improve culture and instruction at the school. Through a highly collaborative School Improvement Team, for example, Cousineau has guided the determination and implementation of annual improvement projects, such as the integration of project-based learning into the curriculum through the development of a MakerSpace, which has diversified WNS’s RTI practices while increasing students’ sense of pride and ownership of their learning. As an instructional leader, Cousineau has taken a systematic and hands-on approach; she has worked to maximize the professional development opportunities offered during limited meeting times and is frequently found team-teaching with her staff. Parent Linda Wilk credits Cousineau’s open leadership style for strong community relationships at WNS and her adaptability for helping the school remain resilient in the face of budget cuts and school consolidation. Ever committed to diversity, Cousineau is a firm believer in differentiated instruction that attends to not only the academic but also the social and emotional well-being of all students. She holds B.A. and M.Ed. degrees from Rhode Island College and a Masters of Administration from Providence College.