Pam Meier

Arrowhead Elementary School
Billings Public Schools
Billings, Montana

Pam Meier has spent half of her 30-year career as an educator in the classroom and half as an administrator, most recently serving as principal of Arrowhead Elementary since 2012. Meier leads with a strong commitment to building positive culture, strong community partnerships, and professional learning communities capable of delivering opportunity for all students. She takes her role as instructional leader seriously, fostering collaborative conversations and guiding an assessment-based intervention process focused on improving instruction and outcomes in reading, writing, and math. Meier takes personal responsibility for school culture and understands the importance of modeling positivity and openness through her commitment to strong community partnerships and her hands-on engagement in the daily life of the school. She has built a trusting, collaborative relationship with the PTA, implemented fun cultural activities such as special themes and food days, and launched an intergenerational partnership with a local retirement facility to increase literacy and a love of reading among students. In light of all of these efforts, Arrowhead has observed higher than average academic optimism scores and is known for being a highly professional school with a rigorous commitment to excellence for all students. Meier is an active leader in her district and a committed mentor to new educators and administrators. She holds an M.A. in Educational Leadership from Montana State University and a B.A. in Education from the University of Northern Iowa.