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Nolan Elementary School

Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Principal: Ashley Aldridge Wilson
Advisors: Meghan Deakins, Alice Ducote
Student Council Officers: n/a


“Signal Mountain Social Services”

Nolan’s Student Council (SC) sponsors four drives for Signal Mountain Social Services (SMSS) each year. SMSS is a non-profit community organization comprised of local churches and three schools to support families in need in the Signal Mountain community. SC organizes a coin drive in October, a food drive in December, a book drive in February, and a hygiene drive in May. SC leaders advertise by making posters and speaking to homeroom classes about the opportunity to participate in the drives and the impact of their participation. SC collects and organizes items in our school foyer to be donated to SMSS.

“Student Council Members Leading and Affirming Character at Nolan”

Nolan Elementary’s commitment to student personalization through character education is a vital part of the learning experience. Student Council members are selected as model students of character who serve as student leaders and ambassadors of kindness. They embody being “Nolan P.R.O.U.D.” an acronym showing our students’ promise to be prepared, responsible, orderly, united, and determined in every aspect of our school day. Student Council leaders facilitate the daily morning announcements where they lead the student body in a moment of silence, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and Nolan’s character pledge each morning.

Student Council members serve as speakers at the monthly character assemblies. They proudly wear green (school color) Nolan sportscoats embroidered with the knight mascot and stand before the school to share what the character trait means to them and how Nolan students may take pride in affirming the month long character trait. The Student Council motivates peers towards kindness with regular kindness announcements and incentives for kind behaviors. Nolan is currently the top school in our county for committing acts of kindness on our campus, and we feel our Student Council’s leadership impacts our schools’ the positive climate and culture.