Michael Fournier

Michael S. Fournier has led McKelvie Intermediate School as principal for the last decade. A large, suburban, Title I school serving grades five and six, McKelvie is the gateway to middle school for over 700 students. Most importantly, Fournier was at the helm when McKelvie opened in 2007, blending a mix of fifth grade from the elementary schools and sixth grade from the middle schools.  Fournier’s leadership style is characterized by his belief that one of the most important components of a principal’s role is the ability to maintain a focused instructional program while allowing for the individual needs of students and the diverse creativity of the faculty. He has implemented this through “vision casting” with faculty. For example, he continuously holds open dialogue with faculty and the community about their individual parts in obtaining the school goals. As a tool to help monitor growth towards these goals, he has also implemented the use of Tri-Pod Student Surveys which has allowed students to voice their perception on topics such as teacher caring, conferring, captivating, and classroom management. According to fellow principal, Kathleen Pope, “Under Mike’s leadership, McKelvie continues to grow as a community where students, staff, and families set and achieve lofty goals.  Belief in continuous growth is a constant for Mike.” Mr. Fournier holds a B.A. from Milligan College and M.Ed. and S.Ed. degrees from the University of New Hampshire.