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Mauriceville Elementary School

Orange, Texas

Principal: Carie Broussard
Advisors: Mary Berndt, Cindy Childress
Student Council Officers: 11


“Purple Santa Fundraiser”

Student Council provided Christmas presents for underprivileged children in our school district by collecting donations over a two-week period.  We offered an incentive of a $20.00 Walmart gift card for one student from each grade level.  Officers collected donations by going to the various classrooms.  Our Treasurer supervised the counting of all funds and prepared the money raised to be turned into our school secretary.  Student Council was able to provide Christmas assistance to need children in our area.  Officers and members learned and used advertising skills to promote their Purple Santa Fundraiser.  Posters were displayed around campus and flyers were created and sent home with all the students on campus.  We also danced and sang in a safe designated place during student drop off in the mornings holding posters promoting our fundraiser.  100% of the money raised was used to shop at our local Walmart store for age-appropriate gifts and clothes.  Each child received at least one outfit of clothing and two toys from the child’s wish list.  All purchases were then brought to the school where they were wrapped and prepared for parent/guardians to pick up.

“Valentines – StuCo Thinks You’re Sweet”

To show school spirit and kindness to students and faculty, the Student Council used money they raised to order Valentine’s heart suckers for the school.  They designed tags to be attached to the suckers, printed them, cut them out, and attached them to the suckers.  They then distributed them to the classes.