Matthew D. Moyer

Rupert Elementary School
Pottstown School District
Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Matthew Moyer has been principal of Rupert Elementary, an underfunded, urban school, for the past 15 years. As a former student of Rupert Elementary, Moyer invests considerable energy into bettering his school community. He makes a great impact on the students he serves—graduating high school seniors often invite him as an honored guest, noting that he is an educator who has had a significant impact on their lives. Moyer leads his district in Non Violent Crisis Prevention training and was responsible for bringing this transformative program to Pottstown School District 10 years ago. He has certified over 200 staff members throughout his time, single-handedly sustaining the program. In doing so, he has helped develop community skills for managing and responding to anxious, hostile, or violent behavior, while balancing the responsibilities of care. Moyer also serves as the district’s Safety Coordinator and has authored the District All Hazards Plan and Emergency Flip Charts used by administration and staff. In addition to these responsibilities, Moyer makes time to bond with his students, many of whom are dealing with complex social and emotional issues. Moyer’s building is one where joy is celebrated. He has been seen running around the school in a fox costume, has kissed a pig, dyed his hair purple, and has even been slimed to promote student engagement. Moyer has a Superintendent Letter from the California University of Pennsylvania, an M.Ed. and a Principal’s Certificate from Cabrini College, and a B.A. from Shippensburg University.