Matthew Crater

Haverford Middle School
Havertown, Pennsylvania

Best Practices

1) It is one of my proudest habits that I am able and enthusiastic about being visible around campus. Because I enjoy spending as much time with children as possible, I find it easy to work with them. Even if it’s just in the corridors or during lunch or on the courtyard or in the classroom or even during a field hockey game or during the school musical, it’s amusing to me and I know that the students and parents are enjoying it as well. In addition to the fact that I love it, my involvement in the process has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the overall efficiency of our educational programs. Being visible throughout the school day and week also provides insight into any needed corrections or adjustments at Haverford Middle School, which is beneficial for all students and staff members. Additionally, this strategy instills a sense of security in kids, who feel safer when administrators are visible in hallways, classrooms, and large group situations.

2) I pride myself in being more of a leader and not the chief problem solver. I value the idea of building and sustaining relationships with the teachers and staff in the building. I have spent the past 4 years learning how to foster an environment where teachers are confident in taking risks, thinking outside of the box, and having a continuous growth mindset. I have focused my efforts in fostering an environment where teachers are confident enough to think and solve their own problems that they may be facing. I have created daily opportunities where teachers can collaborate together to find solutions to their own problems.