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Madison Junior School

Madison, New Jersey

Principal: Frank Perrone
Advisors: Kathy Siso, Maryana Kolinchak
Student Council Officers: 10


“Fund Raiser for Officer Renato Capillas”

The objective of this project was to help a local police officer who lost everything in a fire. Police officer Renato Capillas had a fire in his family home. His grandmother died in the fire, his father had to be airlifted to a hospital and he lost everything. When the MJS Student Council heard about Officer Renato Capillas’s family’s loss, they wanted to help. In line with the school’s theme, MJS One Community, they immediately felt connected to Officer Ren and knew they needed to get involved. They used every opportunity to raise money to help the officer and his family. They coordinated multiple events to raise money.

“Veteran’s Day Assembly/Toys for Tots Toy Drive”

We held an assembly to honor our local Veterans.  We had an essay/poetry contest entitled “What Does Veteran’s Day Mean to Me?” We chose one student from each grade to read their work at the assembly. We had Veteran’s speak to our students. We invited our Boy and Girl Scouts to escort the veterans into the assembly. When we heard about the Marine’s Toys for Tots Drive, our student council decided to kick it off at the Veteran’s Day Assembly and make it a competition between homerooms.  They had a goal of 1 toy collected from every student in the school (a total of 583). We exceeded our goal and collected over 800 toys.

“Pep Rally”

The student body came together for an assembly in the auditorium to recognize and support our school sports teams. The teams were introduced, team members were called to the stage by name, and the entire school participated in one hour of competitions.  The games included trashketball, hungry, hungry hippo, Rubik’s cube competition, dress up, dance-off, and Coke & Pepsi.  Students were excited and participated.  As they left school for the day, they were talking about how much fun they had.

“New Student Orientation”

Student council members wanted to welcome our new students. They created a script and planned a route to be used when giving our incoming 6th grade and any new 7th or 8th grade student a tour of the school. The tours were to take place over the summer prior to the start of the new year.