Lois Dailey

When Lois Annette Dailey began serving as principal of Crenshaw Elementary and Middle School five years ago, she entered a school where students were struggling academically and socioeconomically. Under her leadership, Crenshaw has transformed. Dailey reached out to local community clubs, resulting in their commitment to fundraising for school supplies, warm winter clothing, and scholarships for each graduating senior. She also developed a creative partnership with a local high school, winning a grant that allows a teacher at Ball High School to provide daily Skype-based Spanish language instruction to eighth-graders at Crenshaw, preparing students to succeed in a multilingual world. This project has sparked further collaboration at both schools, with plans for Skype-based instruction in other subjects as well as professional development initiatives for teachers. As principal of LA Morgan Elementary from 2002-2008, Dailey was able to transform the school from a low-performing school, with only eight percent of students passing science classes, to a school that was just one student short of being Exemplary. As Dailey’s colleague and current LA Morgan principal Divya Nagpal explains, Dailey “encourages her teachers to use numerous research-based strategies, such as multiple intelligences, cooperative learning, and rigor as they create engaging lessons that drive student achievement.” Dailey holds a B.A. in Elementary Education and a Masters of Education from Lamar University.