Linda Townsend-Johnson

According to a fellow administrator, integrity is Dr. Linda Townsend-Johnson’s professional foundation, while “fairness, honesty, and excellence” define her leadership. As principal of Sunset View Elementary (SVE), a large K-5 school which she helped open a decade ago, Townsend-Johnson has imbued every element of the school with these deeply held values. Resolved that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to instruction, she guided school design and construction to reflect considerations of educational value, from play structures, to learning gardens, to art that communicates the school’s goal to create “happy hearts.” Knowing that realizing this vision would hinge on community participation, she notably established a PTA at the school before she had hired a full staff. After establishing the school’s environment and culture, Townsend-Johnson stepped fully into the role of instruction leader, guiding faculty in data review, reflections on practice, and curricular decision-making that “lets go of what is good for what is great.” She also leads a Wellness Team to provide holistic services and referrals to meet socio-emotional needs of students and families. Dr. Townsend-Johnson has scaled her impact by pursuing additional leadership as a district mentor and in several community organizations, including her local NAACP chapter, which she has served as President since 2010. She holds an M.A. from Concordia University, Administrative Licensure from George Fox University, and a Ph.D. from Oregon State University.