LaTyia A. Rolle

John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Department of State – Germany
Berlin, Germany

Throughout her career, LaTyia A. Rolle has had the unique experience of leading three large, diverse school sites situated in vastly different geographical and cultural contexts: Sacramento, California; Berlin, Germany; and Brussels, Belgium. Despite their differences, Rolle draws parallels between the pathways to academic, cultural, and social/emotional growth. She has leveraged her skills as a relationship builder, a communicator, and an instructional leader to build equitable and inclusive systems that create meaningful learning opportunities for all students. Drawing on her experience as a special educator and an equity leader, Rolle’s collective ownership approach to PLCs brings together educators and specialists to get to the root of underperformance and develop improvement strategies. Rolle takes a strategic approach to helping staff shift into an equity and inclusion mindset, identifying accessible actions that school teams can “live” in their day to day actions. She encourages and supports them with such practices as adding library books to their curricular toolkit that better reflect the diversity of the classroom and co-creating success criteria with students. Families are the center of Rolle’s vision for school equity, and she prioritizes growing relationships with them. Learning about family perspectives and concerns understanding of her students’ needs, allowing her to find the best pathways to meeting them. Rolle holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies, an M.A. in Education, and multiple teaching and administrative credentials from California State University, Sacramento.