Lance McClard

Lance C. McClard

North Elementary and Millerville Attendance Center
Jackson R-2 School District
Jackson, Missouri

In his seven-year tenure as principal, Dr. Lance C. McClard has worked tirelessly to instill a growth mindset and ignite innovation among his staff and students, and this dedication shows. McClard has introduced initiatives that give voice to students in a real way. Students are able to make choices in the classroom that allow them to discover how they learn best. Being able to meaningfully affect their learning experience—from being given the option to stand up while listening in class to participation in a more inclusive student leadership council—means that North Elementary students feel empowered and excited to attend school each day. A special “Teach Like a P.I.R.A.T.E.” Day offers students the option to explore new subject matter in short modules throughout the day. McClard has fostered the creation of a robust professional development program as well, creating space for teachers to participate in personalized professional development days. Smart use of technology has allowed for both local and global connections, with classrooms getting to participate in special presentations by parents, community members, and inspiring people from around the world—including an engineer in China—and participating in reading challenges with classes of students abroad. McClard holds an Educational Doctorate from the University of Missouri, and a Specialist Certificate, a Master’s, and a Bachelor of Science from Southeast Missouri State University.