Kris Friesen

Kris T. Friesen

York Elementary School
York Public Schools
York, Nebraska

Kris T. Friesen prides herself on being a collaborative leader in her role as principal of York Elementary. In her 13 years as principal, Friesen has built powerful relationships with staff and community to ensure the consistent implementation of best practices at her school. These include a schoolwide 3-tier system of interventions for reading, math, and writing. Partnering with local math coaches, the school has introduced a program called Math Expressions, which has resulted in increased proficiency in mathematics. The program also involves families by featuring family game nights, where students practice their reasoning and problem-solving skills in a warm and fun atmosphere. Friesen has also implemented programs that support the emotional growth and wellbeing of her students, including a Behavior Intervention Specialist program and a student-led district initiative called HOPE Squad, which focuses on suicide prevention and inclusion. Friesen has also supported the school in becoming a true 21st-century learning environment, offering a variety of afterschool programs that allow students to explore robotics, coding, GPS navigation, and many more areas of interest. Under Friesen’s leadership, parent involvement and satisfaction has grown, and students love helping their community by partnering with Pride Pack to send 72 backpacks of supplies and food home with students in need each week. Friesen holds a Master’s in Educational Administration and a B.A. in Teaching from the University of Nebraska.