Kati Mann

Kati E. Mann

Brunswick Memorial Elementary School
Brunswick City Schools
Brunswick, Ohio

Kati Mann has been principal at Brunswick Memorial Elementary for the past seven years. Mann lives by the principle that our actions as adults have the potential to make positive impacts in the lives of children. Every day, she strives to be a model to both her staff and students. Mann spends extra time visiting classrooms, ensuring that teachers feel their lesson plans and hard work are seen and appreciated. Students benefit from Mann’s relationship-centered approach to administration, and she can often be found chatting in the hallways with students or connecting with families. She deeply believes that meeting the social and emotional needs of children is a priority. Her drive to put students first led her to organizing a 5k benefit run and walk for a student who had a brain tumor and cancer. Mann is also a firm advocate for equality and pushes to ensure that students are treated fair and equally, and she’s been working to establish a more holistic, schoolwide PBIS system. Mann is a lifetime learner who educates herself about best practices and new techniques. Teachers are encouraged to be leaders and are often recruited to lead professional development, allowing everyone to grow. Mann has a PK-12 Principal’s license and master’s degree in Reading Endorsement (K-12) from Baldwin-Wallace College, as well as a Superintendent’s License from Ashland University.